Beyond A Passive Character

today 4/11/2018 ..or should i say for the past 4 years!!!

i always been a person to watch & read a person in general before i based myself on how i treat a person ..sometimes we can see things right & wrong ..or in between that we see it & adjust to it soo much we expect everyone to be the same, then from there yiu start to build your entire circle of perception & that changes your lifestyle, your choices & future if you dont realize it soon enough!!

well lets say today i found the source of the problem then it spit right in my face ...the problem is that i allow what i want my perception to be instead of seeing through what it see , i juat shrug & deal with whatever i see it as..

but if im going to live my life the way i feel deserved then i can no longer tolerate shiit that comes my & will deal w/ it as i feel it deserves through my perception....

and thats my reality ..& most important the choices i make from here effects my life..

~Voice (Beyond Any Man)

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