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From graduation day in high school in the year 2000, B.A.M who also prefer to go by the full name (Beyond Any Man). His love for music started back as a child dancing & doing cover versions of A.B.C "Another Bad Creation", LL Cool J, Wu Tang Clan, Rob Base & Rakim while his mother, father, brother, sister & other family members enjoyed. In middle school he started to freestyle during lunch with friends at the lunch table. Being very shy & nervous to let others know about this talent, aeound the last few days of high school he started to progress in hip hop & song writing which led his father to buy him a cassette player & mixer so his son could make better use of his talent. The summer of 2000 at his yearly family reunion 
(Beyond Any Man) presented his first official indie release called "Pieces Of A Dream" to family members who loved the double sided album recorded on the same cassette player his father gave him a month ago for his 18th birthday. 

In fall 2002 after the sudden lost of his father, (Beyond Any Man) had vented all his pain & grief while working on the 40 song indie album titled " The Confessions Of Mis-Judgement" & released through his now self-indie record label called "Dream Child Entertainment" now reformed to "Dream Child Music Group" in 2018. The album was recorded in less then 2 days, the feedback now inspired the artist to take this talent further by making it a full time career. Through the years (Beyond Any Man) released a number of songs & mixtapes through music media sites such as soundclick to which at one point during this time there was an estimated 450 songs on the sites music page. 

In 2009 (Beyond Any Man) relocated to Las Vegas, NV to start a series of shows set up by a friend & potential manager at the time but due to personal actions by other parties & B.A.M having his idenity stolen before it was used against other artist looking to work with him for upcoming events & shows. After (Beyond Any Man) was cleared on the matter he had taken a small hiatus from music to focus on his inner-self along with his opiate addiction made well known through his music & actions in his music & interviews. (Beyond Any Man) is a very deep & passionate song writer & performer whos fanbase & social presence made him known as "The Popular Stranger". 

In 2010 he started to promote himself on the las vegas strip to launch his music further such as random freestyle performance all of the strip, inside nightclubs & casinos to even karoke bars that made him a tourist favorite when giving everyone back some sort of emotions when hearing his music during events. As this eventually put this south New Jersey artist in the indie spotlight in Las Vegas. He started his own funded & promoted tour called "Come See Me In Person" & worked with other local artist events as a guest performer. 

In 2019 (Beyond Any Man) started working on his 7th indie albums titled "Fine Print & The Smoking Section "highly awaited by fans" & both due to release sometime in early 2021. Other projects include filming a documentary called "Chasing Vegas" which gives an insight on his story making a choice which lead the artist to sin city. In recalls the struggle, failures & even lower moments carried by relationships that self imploded that gave more then heartbreak to this beyond the average thoughts & emotions (Beyond Any Man) is known for & will recall those moments often in his podcast titled "Popular Stranger" which will cover everything from life, entertainment, lost, pain, growth, people, news & any thought from a person that others can relate to or be entertain by. In late summer of 2024 he will once again pickup the microphone to launch the documentary post inspired event(s) with the same name "Chasing Vegas" before making a major announcement about the next plan afterwards, but with all the work in progress during this time it's best to focus on his music from the starting point in 2000 to the beyond view most fans of (Beyond Any Man) gives every person & the rest you should already feel to ask any moment you like.

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