Pulled The Trigger & Hit Honestly But Missed Loyalty!!

when it comes to strangers that we meet for the 1st time ..eventually when you get to know them , it leads to friendship etc. Now through your time as being friends you set up your own code conduct on what lines you dont cross being a friends & try to remain honest and loyal because thats the foundation of a friendship...

but when you have a friend who befriends another who is also your friend & not theirs & you warn them to watch themselves around that person and you are ignored...but once again warns them to stay away for their benefit but doesnt i guess you can call it making their own choice..some might call it jealousy on the main friends behalf..but its not about the choice itself...but the choice of loyaly..

The friend who didnt want to be supportive or care for the main friend & pushes him over the edge where hes emotionally hurt because it comes down to loyalty & it was the last person the main friend would expect to just abandon him into the darkness.....but days later the friend has new friends who was known less then 6 months & the lady friend less then 2 weeks & didnt kbow anything but her name..the friend treats them better then the main friend as he watches how his old friend treats the new friends far better then himself..

if you been reading this right then how would you feel about the main friend, if you was the loyal friend that was abandon when he needed his main friend the most??
1. feel angry?
2. feel jealous?
3. feel hurt!
4. feel nothing?
5. use what you know about each 1 and just destroy them because loyalty was everything to you, but was nothing but benefits & sex for the other friend?
6....or would you just leave it all behind?? and still value loyalty for yourself?

deep shiit riight??