Tears In The Mirror

for months and beyond ..where am i?

when i look in the mirror i look back on things that left emotional scars on my soul. I was in a relationship for 3yrs and gave my heart to someone and for the most part was made to belive something was there when it really wasnt. did she love me? i should belive so..but only when it counted. i lived in her world and dealt with anything i ws dealt and handed to me by her side..i wouldve honestly died for her. but things change when you have a passion for something soo deeply before she even exsisted. we would fight and i would be the one in the mirror with scratches and marks on my face. ..i would be the one outside in the cold rain when things wasnt going her way. i would be the one still fighting to be with her..thats what love is suppose to do. love is to love some body past their anger,maddness,depression,flaws and create something better in return. we got 2 kids together and we fought in front of them and in return they suffer from it. and thats both our faults. But when you have somebody like me that has a passion for something so deeply and because she doesnt trust me with it, just gets up and abandoned me! ..after all the fights and wars..you would think we were suppose to be stronger! so im left to prove my passion was worth the tears or being verbally abused,homeless,degraded,missing and empty. everygirl i ever been with can tell you..im not like the rest and its only so much i can take before im broken. im not saying its all her fault..i wasnt perfect but to the amount to deserve what i been given? nah ..point is if she loved me the way she always said she did..then why? and every answer is an excuse on me that still wouldnt equal up to the questions ask. In Time


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