Breaking Mirrors

its been along time comming for me ..everyday i wake up and risk it all for a moment on a stage,music or just for importance! i sit back and i feed off peoples opinions about me..whether good or amuses me. i always based my life on the cards people dealt me to make my next move in life with them in it..and when it goes wrong i blame them. its days when my alter-ego gets the best of me and i make my short commings strech longer then they are. i consider myself a very important person and yes i am 1 OF A KIND, but i never show it and by doing that people take advantage of me and use it against me. dont yall get tired of hearing about my problems? dont worry i get tired of going thru them so yall wont feel or hurt by them based of my reactions towards shit..for a select few i can say they always had my back and understood even before they knew what the problem was..i am grateful for that and thank you from the bottom of my heart ..but im breaking the mirror ..which means ..the problem i see in that imagine i dont like thats me being tears..sorrow,pride,pity ..and its all because i let ppl break me down that way.but as of this morning.its nothing left to see there..which makes me dangerous and unaware of even my own next move thank you also to the ones that broke me down..itll never happen again..less i care about what yall do to me ..the more important itll feel for a response on your actions ..lets grow!!

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