Interview with Shelly Maser From Next Up Magazine

Since 1999 the hip hop artist known as B.A.M (Beyond Any Man)came on to the South Jersey underground music scene with his first lp (Pieces Of A Dream)11 years later we finally get a chance to catch up with the rising star out in Las Vegas Nv to talk about everything old and new with the New Jersey superstar.

Next Up: What finally brings you to vegas?

BAM: Just needed to be in the best place to move forward and strong with my career in music which is a big change.

Next Up: Any progress since you been out here in sin city?

BAM: Theres been major improvement far as exposure and promotion out here.Its a big city and entertainment playground in the entire world so its a big stepping stone.

Next Up: Define Dream Child Music Group?

BAM: D.C.M.G is an indie entertainment label based in various parts on the country.We have everything from music,clothing,production and marketing for talented or anyone just needing a hand to reach higher up that ladder of success.

Next Up: To everyone's attention you are known as one of the few artist who's love life can never co-exist over your music career.Does this seem to be true in your eyes?

BAM: I use to belive that! Now i see it as if i had that supportive person with that unconditional love for me and my passion and be loyal and respectful of it first the same way as i am then i probably would have the best relationship in the world.

Next Up: You and the mother of your kids have had corrals a few times throughout the internet.Are you guys back together or just stopped everything all together?

BAM: Her and I are not together.Those who have known us for the past 3-4 years should know that's how we are when it comes to fights.i wish her nothing but the best in everything she do. i think she knows me more then anybody at times besides the fact that we have children together.

Next Up: Whos fault on why it ended?

BAM: I would have to say neither of us.

Next Up: Mirror Dreams?

BAM: This album is actually 2 years in the making, which was previously titled (Come See Me In Person) but as you grow as a person and go through different trials and tribulations you sort of look in the mirror every now and then and this is my outcome or even redemption in some sort.

Next up: People seem to that fond of your personal life at times the they would your music which actually lead us to this article on you.

BAM: Yeah it always seems that way cause i am one of the few artist out here that you can see eye for eye go through something and later on hear it in a BAM song or blog or even video.That's just giving everyone real life moments on general which i feel every artist should do.

Next Up: Describe the perfect love?

BAM: There is no perfect love at lease not for me at the time. I been in a lot of relationships in the past 10 years and i am either labeled crazy or numb when it comes to feelings.I can't really say its all me because some women take that as my weakness which leads me to shut them out of certain things.

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