Changing Through The Mirror

its been awhile writing in my own journal for a few reasons..but im sitting here recording this song called "somewhere to go" and i must say its a reminder of where i been and how much damage was caused in creating a dream..

bottom line is i might not always be right and might make more mistakes then anyone around me..but it comes a time to where i feel im missing something,,or is this all worth it? ..i dont care about money,women cars or etc and whatevers promised in the long run..long as i remain real and focused i keep it moving ,,i had a nice long phone convo today with a friend and she said ..pain shared is pain lessend ..but then can tell everyone how u really feel because its just "silenced opinions" so we block those feelings from whoever can see it..if only people look deeper

on another happy being me and where im at right now..couldnt be better ..but tomorrows not promised ..

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