Pictures On The Wall

its been awhile where i actually sat back and relax with all the things thats going on..

day by day i deal with situations i wouldnt want anyone else to i carry them on my shoulders and in return i ease everyone else problems..

now i remember the same things KL use to do for me when i was stressed with music,life,love etc and he would always say there's always a brighter better day ahead..and i always doubted that but yet have enough faith in them words to believe it and pass it on to family,fans,friends..i really miss those moments when shiit was 100% never on me..if i just stop and say fuck would all be for nothing..i went through it all for nothing..all the money,time and understanding can never change those moments and what i learned from him and just when i get a second for a peace of mind it replays all over this time..ill just listen,feel and understand those pictures on the wall..maybe its my time to grieve ..i hurt like everyone else 2

R.I.P Kl


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