First Time Again

whenever you start a new project & your ready to give it your all so your trashing verses that are actually good but just not enough & how you feel the song should be...& your also scared of failing & letting down fans, investors etc ..but mostly your family because some of us are really doing this not just for us but for them ..mother,father,brother,sister,wife,kids & so on.. 

so here i am in 2017 & feeling like its 2003 "my 1st successful album" so its just like the first time again..only now you know exactly how you should handle it but not just giving your all because reality is music is all i plan B or we create a project like its the final moment on stage where everyone is watching..& you give them the best part of yourself ..your feelings in the music & if they understand you..then they will make you feel like this is your "first time again"

B.A.M (Beyond Any Man) 


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