Moving Dreams

i been spending time trying to find reasons for what has been feels like everything i love,care or strive for is gone..i feel like im back to a place where im just alone..alone and vanished from a place that you look at as your world,your reality and the biggest part of you..they say we go thru things alone to test the greatest part of you..but what if the greatest part is left with the people,places and things you love in general? right now im so used to being alone i kinda expect it while everyday ppl carry on without a thought of me..and i can say this changed me as a person..i have great fans and friends but missing something in my mind i never was to lose in the first place..ill take that pain along this journey with me..and if im not loved, understood or respected..its no point of me giving someone a piece of something thats more important to me then myself in general..not only am i changing but my dreams are also in a way where i shared them with ppl and honestly when they left they took pieces of it with cant love any stronger then we move dreams to a safer place inside..and that place is somewhere i wont know but if someone go looking for it i wont be able to guide them anymore i just hope they find it in time..i have much more to say ..but its better if i show it

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