1,000 Faces Through The Mirror

its been awhile..maybe a little to long..

for the past few months alot has changed around me and inside of me..i no longer see things the way i use to see them but instead actually deeper within real representation of places and people..i always promised myself that one i write how i feel through these pages its instilled in me..everything is pretty much in order far as music goes but it feels like im missing something more important..instead of me waiting for it trying to figure it out or maybe just come to me..maybe i need to go chase it myself..its like a desire to need that feeling that i want to feel so bad..love...loyalty and most of all acceptance..i sit here and hold on to things that i have faith in that it will change when in reality it wont..i feel amused by anything i should feel hurt or harmed by..dont want to feel that way anymore so why still hold onto that feeling..happiness doesnt come to those waiting for it but instead it comes to those who find it..im not playing options over priority anymore..if something is real then let me be but im no longer gonna sit around and wait for it..ex: far as love goes..not goin to sit and wait for love to finally decide your worth keeping..nah..instead ill go before it will..because at the end from my experience..if something/someone wants to be with you then why not? ..why should someone get all the benefits of it without it actually being yours..we all wear 1,000 faces at times..i finally learned by looking through the eyes because those dont change..

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