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Hip Hop Artist (Beyond Any Man) or B.A.M as most people recognize him by, is known for songs such as Home Wit Me , Playhouse , RydaGiirl , One Day (Girlfriend) , She Can't & the sexy hit now starting to gain listeners worldwide called "Ain't No Time 2 Waste featuring Corey Jones. For more then a decade he has released 7 mixtapes & 3 official albums through his own independent label "Dream Child Music Group". Projects well known like Born 2 Shine Vol 1 & 2 has helped the Popular Stranger spread his content on the web & social media since the released day of each LP. (Beyond Any Man) is described as a very emotional & deep artist with lyrics written from his life growing up dealing with divorced parents, feeling burden, depression & often emotionally abused, has created songs that all music genre fans can relate to in every form of emotions once the music is confided in you. You can feel the sense of using his music to explain situations that involve emotions to another person you often couldn't explain no other way. This is not a average hip hop artist even after a few songs you could notice how the understanding of topics in the music brings you even closer to admitting when hearing (Beyond Any Man) content, its much better to feel as if this artist in general can help more then therapy.

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