Hearts Will Show ..Hearts Will Fade

really cant describe this feeling right now..i feel hurt..when you finally feel at peace with certain demons the ones who inspired you to be all you can be fades..when i love i love with everything..i would never give someone less of the person i am..we all have life issues and problems but its how u deal with the problems..any problem i ever faced i always over came without feeling more alone then i already am or even leaving someone else alone..its not about being in a relationship or even friendship its all about love..the type of feeling i always sacrifice to make a better life for the ones i love..being sick sometimes you dont seem to realize certain issues when effected by medicine..i wasnt myself while in love so i could love but not provide a strong enough feeling to keep something alive..not blaming the person i am refering to because its no understanding when it comes to me..i am misunderstood and the way i carry things at times..certain things happen to make you realize who you are and what life is about..but when you lose maybe the only person who can fill that void but at the same time lose a piece of herself in the process..i never meant to cause certain pain but at the same time its the same pain i've been given all my life..i always write about love and would tell everyone keep fighting for love because without it you seem to fade..you seem to lose more then a piece of yourself but apart of the world you try so hard to fit in..its not about choices but sometimes chances when you know it will be okay but the person that lost apart of herself doesnt know its gonna be ok..so it hurts ..thing is i been use to it pretty much everytime i give my all..no regrets because thats what we do..we love..and we lose..and we fade..and the only chance of winning is the choice of happiness..and no friend,fan,family or even music itself cannot be strong enough to help with the hurt..all in all..if you love/inlove..you will never know if happiness is possible..the more they love you..the more they run away..the more you fade..

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