Footprints On The Stars

before we begin life..each moment & emotion from it is designed up..yeaah we have choices & i always say its the hand god dealt us, but the past few days i learned its more to it then that..some of us have better lives, better parents, better income or w/e ..& some of us have it hard to where at some point we feel lost..but where does that take us? im still tryna figure that part out..while i had great parents & lost a father just when learning how to be a man..the choices made can damage your soul if you dont change up early enough ..thats where losing a life takes play, when your a great person, kind, caring & almost perfect to some..but at the blink of an eye it is all gone!! ..maybe god had better plans, maybe he made a mistake with the hand the point of this confusing ass blog is this: matter how your life is never be afraid to make the choices you feel best to live with..if you dont like something with the way your living & feel hopeless..then you do whatever it takes to feel like you can leave your footprints on the stars!!!

because some never have the chance or made the choice to do so...


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