its been awhile since i felt inspired to go full ahead with music again..i always knew it would come with problems that isnt brought to me on purpose but by feelings..for some like me music is everything and all we…Read more

The Rescue

for the past few yrs i been thru a few things that i rather forget because it caused me so much in the long run..sometimes i wish i can share it all because its 2 hard to bare sometimes..right now…Read more

Pictures On The Wall

its been awhile where i actually sat back and relax with all the things thats going on..

day by day i deal with situations i wouldnt want anyone else to i carry them on my shoulders and in return…Read more

1,000 Faces Through The Mirror

its been awhile..maybe a little to long..

for the past few months alot has changed around me and inside of me..i no longer see things the way i use to see them but instead actually deeper within real representation of…Read more

Loving Mirrors

sitting here writing a deep love song ..and for the 1st time confused on how it should end ..maybe not being in a relationship or never dreaming of letting one go..

so as the beat replays reminded about…Read more

Changing Through The Mirror

its been awhile writing in my own journal for a few reasons..but im sitting here recording this song called "somewhere to go" and i must say its a reminder of where i been and how much damage was caused in…Read more

Breaking Mirrors

its been along time comming for me ..everyday i wake up and risk it all for a moment on a stage,music or just for importance! i sit back and i feed off peoples opinions about me..whether good or amuses…Read more

Tears In The Mirror

for months and beyond ..where am i?

when i look in the mirror i look back on things that left emotional scars on my soul. I was in a relationship for 3yrs and gave my heart to someone and for…Read more