First Time Again

whenever you start a new project & your ready to give it your all so your trashing verses that are actually good but just not enough & how you feel the song should be...& your also scared of failing &amp…Read more

Reality Rescue (2009/2010) FlashBack

i always wanted to share this moment w/ yall back when i was in dallas & reach a point depression just took over.

im blessed to this day i won that battle.. relate to it



it feels like i revived a part of me that died so many years actually feels like i woke up from a dream with no full memory since 2012..and to see my life at the stand point it is…

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Fine Print Mixtape

I know you guys are waiting for the "Fine Print Mixtape" We are waiting for a few samples to clear & we are ready!!

A few more weeks....

~ Beyond Any Man

New NBG Rain Rmx Coming Soon!

Alot has been waiting for this moment so its looking like the 1st single off her new album ..but the rmx features the 1 & only...coming soon!!


Shelter Me.. 

Shelter me.. #Born2ShineVol1 

i wrote this song to show how much has changed & while im adding to the change either winning or losing..i asking for shelter to hide me from the pain, tears, lost souls and things that are…Read more

Popular Stranger

Its time for them to become the greatest supporters in music..but have no idea they should know me!


Journey Inside

its been awhile since i wrote & updated everyone..

i been going through a process of trying to see what belong in the picture & what doesnt ..i grew alot as a person this past year & when adding it…

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Moving Dreams

i been spending time trying to find reasons for what has been feels like everything i love,care or strive for is gone..i feel like im back to a place where im just alone..alone and vanished from a place that…Read more

Hearts Will Show ..Hearts Will Fade

really cant describe this feeling right now..i feel hurt..when you finally feel at peace with certain demons the ones who inspired you to be all you can be fades..when i love i love with everything..i would never give someone less…Read more