The Rescue

for the past few yrs i been thru a few things that i rather forget because it caused me so much in the long run..sometimes i wish i can share it all because its 2 hard to bare sometimes..right now im up against alot of things that would be much easier to deal with if i just had something that would never leave..feel offended..hurt..upset or just temporary..i dont think negative all the time i just feel i can do more then what im doin now for everyone and even myself..some say they are alone..they do things on their own and they still make it through..alot say that but with alone because nobody has feelings the way i kids,sick,music,love life..i cherish all those things and the deeper i fall and hold on to it..they more i see it fading away..then when its gone its just me..that is my greatest fear..i grow so close to ppl with the chance of being hurt..left alone..misunderstood and just empty..i dont live an easy life as we know..cheah i have a beautiful girlfriend,fans,groupies a few friends etc..but all that can disappear at anytime..i guess i just want something by my side that will never leave and love unconditionally..because without it im dying inside day by day ..i need rescue..i need something that ease all the struggles i bare because lord knows its getting harder each day..but i made a promise tonight that in order to do so..i have to be someone very few never had the chance to see,feel,touch or love in the first place ..which is me..thx to my life and things that are going on now ..otherwise i wouldnt see it to my fans and whoever else...its better to come see me in person ..hearts wide open

love yall


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