Searching Far

its been awhile since i posted some new thoughts & feelings but its been a busy 3-4 months with good & bad outcomes...

so as my day started to end i get this feeling i been ignoring for almost a year & it gets closer & closer..if it was something bad im sure we wouldnt be having this post but i feel it like its telling me its ok to embrace it & things will be different..with life,music,friends,love & most importantly ...peace!!

so as i embrace this feeling reaching out tonight we will see what changes & learned or will i be the same person..

dont think im crazy like this is someshiit in the sky from space reaching for me...this is something inside my emotions i need to deal tonight ima put myself in deep zone & just feel it...cause we never know what the outcome can be...& i have everything to gain w/ not alot to lose so even if im different im still B.A.M (Beyond Any Man)

Also guyz heres the new links ill add to the site between tues or weds 5/16-5/17/17

Official Website
Official FaceBook Music Page


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