its been awhile since i felt inspired to go full ahead with music again..i always knew it would come with problems that isnt brought to me on purpose but by feelings..for some like me music is everything and all we have so any chance of failing or loosing focus can feel like its for realizing now is the time to give it my all and everything i learned in the past that effected friends,family,love etc and try to bring understanding..i have huge support from fans,celebs and my music peers and most of all my girl..i kno sometimes she feel as if i would forget her or she feels less important or would even want to feel more important but my ways of doing so may seem neither option racing to make something out of nothing other then feeling alone,misunderstood,unaccepted,broken and worthless..some cant fathom what it feels like or would prolly never feel it..but all i ask from anybody who feels they aren't speacial enough by me at times..i apoligize..and sorry im racing against all the things i would be without you..

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